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Blue Hills Baptist Church is a gospel-centered congregation that has been serving Independence, MO for over 200 years. In that 200 years, to the praise of God, the gospel of Jesus Christ has been proclaimed, lives have been renewed, souls have been saved, the Bible has been preached, and our community has been served. While we thank God for His faithfulness in the past, we realize that our mission is not yet finished, it goes on from generation to generation.


It is our aim to glorify God and serve Independence by proclaiming the gospel, growing in the Word, enjoying God, loving the church, and making disciples. We joyfully pursue this by focusing on the following values.  




God is not silent, He speaks and invites us to come and listen. We celebrate the fact that the God of Heaven can be known, for He has sought us out and made Himself known in the pages of Scripture. We are committed to teaching and preaching the Bible week in and week out, because God's powerful work in our lives is accomplished by His powerful Word. This is where we see His glory and this is where we discover the truth about ourselves, the truth about our world, and the truth about our wonderful Redeemer, Jesus Christ.  




The central heartbeat of the Bible is the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel is the good news of what God has done through His Son Jesus Christ (especially His life, death, and resurrection) to save us from the eternal punishment of our sins and reconcile us to Himself forever. It is the breathtaking good news that, though we are more sinful than we ever realized, there is a God who is more loving and gracious than we ever dared to hope.  


This gospel saves the lost and renews the saved. It touches every part of our lives and shapes every aspect of Christian ministry. We want the gospel to have a felt presence in the life of Blue Hills. 




We are saved into union with Jesus (our Head) and into union with each other. A church isn’t merely a building, it is a family and community. In this community we support one another in prayer and fellowship, bear each other’s burdens, grow in grace, celebrate victories, and work together to serve the body and local community. This is where the church becomes the church in her true form. 




The gospel not only gives us a new status of acceptance with God, it has opened the door into the eternal enjoyment of this God. As one author has put it, “You, oh God, have made us for Yourself and our hearts are restless until they rest in You.” We want to see people experience personal renewal as they enjoy and adore the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit (even as these three Persons enjoy and adore them).   




More can be done after prayer but not before it. If the Lord does not build the house we realize that our labors are in vain. We want to be a praying church that lifts our eyes upwards in dependence on God. Even more, we want to enjoy the gift of prayer and communion with God. 




It is our prayer and passion to see people grow in spiritual maturity and personal renewal and to do our part to help them in their discipleship journey. We also want to help people identify their gifts and have opportunities to use them. Additionally, we realize the importance of training the next generation of gospel-ministers, and to that end, we want to make ourselves available for their discipleship and preparation. 




Christ has commissioned His church to make disciples of all nations and herald the good news of the gospel. Even as God sent His Son into the world to accomplish salvation, He is now saving His people from every tribe, tongue, and nation. We are truly honored that God calls us to participate in His restoration process, and to that end we pursue worldwide evangelization as well evangelizing our local community. 

* If you have any questions about our church we would love to speak with you! Please do not hesitate to reach out through our contact information on our website, we also welcome you to come visit us on a Sunday morning or Wednesday night!

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