Serving Independence, MO for two centuries

Our story is an incredible story of God’s faithfulness and work in Jackson County. Sometime between 1824 and 1826 a church was founded twelve miles from Fort Osage. As the oldest Baptist church in the Kansas City area, our church has loudly proclaimed the joys of following Christ and the transformative power of an encounter with Him through multiple wars, economic recessions, times of peace and times of economic boom. During this time, we have been known by several names: Salem Baptist Church, New Salem Baptist Church, and now Blue Hills Baptist Church. Over the generations we have seen thousands encounter Christ, and still thousands more serve Him faithfully in our church. Our story is one that has been ongoing for nearly two centuries, yet that is only a small part of the larger story of God’s work.

Our goal is to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ make a transformative impact in Independence, the nation, and the world. We want to see hurting people healed, broken families restored, children and students grow and succeed, addictions conquered, deliverance from despair, races reconciled, and crime drop. In short, to be an agency of Heaven here on Earth. We believe that this happens as each of us encounters Jesus Christ and discovers purpose in following Him.

What we believe shapes the way we live. If you want to see how our beliefs shape our community, we encourage you to join us for a Sunday Worship Service.

For a fuller understanding of our beliefs see the Baptist Faith & Message.